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A Benedictine Experience Folded Into Grace Formation Programs

The Benedictine Experience was originally started to provide a forum for productive spiritual formation and prayer, focusing on opening the Scriptures and addressing a need for Bible study at Grace. Given the launch of the Grace formation forums last fall many of the Benedictine Experience offerings are now being offered in the Sunday morning formation programs.  Therefore, there will no longer be a Benedictine Experience on the first Tuesday evenings of the month. Please see the parish calendar and timely announcements in e-Items for all of the wonderful formation opportunities now being offered on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

A special thank you to all who have participated by providing hospitality and especially sharing the depths of your spiritual journey and challenges; we have truly learned from each other and are all far more spiritually rich as a result of our gatherings and prayers.

Eternally grateful,

Suzanne Haraburd & Chuck Tupta

Episcopal CHurch

Spirituality for the 21st Century