Adult Formation Opportunities

Lenten Study: The Ministry Of Jesus (Part 1)

Taught by Father John, running February 17  – April 14 (Wednesday evenings, 6:00–7:00 p.m.)

Last year Father John offered a course focused on the Sermon on the Mount. Picking up immediately after that, this course examines the life and teaching of Jesus during his public ministry, based mainly in the Galilee and its environs. The first half of the course will be taught this spring, and the second part will complete the study in the fall of 2021. Following a “harmony of the Gospels” approach (using Ralph D. Heim’s classic “A Harmony of the Gospels” as our text) the first section of this course surveys Jesus’ early ministry in Capernaum, the rise of opposition from Jewish leaders, his use of parables, and the start of his itinerant preaching ministry with his disciples. Participants will be encouraged to become familiar with maps of ancient Palestine, as well as observing the differences of narrative presentation between the Gospels. Each session will also consider the meaning and application of these narratives for our life and spirituality. Click here to join.

EfM 2021: An Invitation
EfM, or Education for Ministry, is a nationwide program that helps laypeople discover and exercise their varied gifts for ministry wherever they live and work. Participants engage in deep reading, theological reflection, and (especially in Oak Park) lively discussion at weekly small group gatherings.
There are many past and present EfM participants in our midst. Several have enjoyed it so much they’ve gone through the four-year cycle twice! Come and see what’s so interesting.
You’re Invited
Would you like to see how EfM works for yourself? Please join an open EfM gathering on Monday, February 8, or Monday, March 15, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Please email Cherryl Holt with questions, and email Cherryl before noon on either of those Mondays for the Zoom link. EfM welcomes you!

Adult Spirituality & Christian Formation Offerings

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