2017 Christmas Basket Program

Working on your Christmas shopping list?
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Through the ReVive Center for Housing and Healing Christmas Basket program, Grace Church will supply Christmas gifts and Jewel gift cards for 10 families (a total of 50 individuals) this year.  The Outreach Committee has generously offered to purchase the Jewel cards, so those participating in the program need only purchase gifts.

⁂  The names and gift requests of the members of Grace’s families will be available in the Parish Hall after the later service Sunday, November 5 and after both services on Sunday, November 12.  Simply choose a member of one of the families and fill out your name and contact information on the list next to the person’s name.  You can also contact Heidi Lukas to receive a name(s) and gift requests. 

⁂ ReVive guidelines state that you should plan to spend $30-$40 per person for gifts.  This is only a guideline and, of course, the amount you spend is at your discretion.  Please do not feel obligated to buy everything on the person’s list.  We recommend buying two gifts per person – one “practical” item (such as clothing, etc.) and one “fun” item (such as a toy for a child or bubble bath for an adult, etc.).  You may also wish to confer with those Grace members who have chosen members of the same family in order to equalize gifts purchased. 

⁂  Wrap your gift(s) and clearly mark the outside with the recipient’s name and family number.  Please place your gifts in a packing box (left open) so that we can more easily coordinate our packing and delivery to ReVive Center. 

⁂  Bring your gift(s) to the Parish Hall on Sunday, December 3.  Please note that this is the last day for drop-off; if you need to make arrangements to drop-off sooner than this, please contact Heidi Lukas, Emily Costello or Sue Wells.

⁂  Volunteers are needed to help load Grace’s gifts into ReVive’s truck on Tuesday, December 5 (exact time to be confirmed).  If you are available to help, please contact Heidi Lukas or Sue Wells. 

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