Episcopal Church

Earth and All Stars

It's been on its way for 99 years - a total eclipse of the sun cutting a pathway across our continent.

Our Anglican prayer life is tied to the rhythms of the cosmos.  A look at the Table of Contents of the Book of Common Prayer bears evidence of praying with the morning, noon and night and the rhythm of the seasons.  As I've been following the media, I am reminded that such a cosmic event has the capacity to arouse our spiritual selves.  We will see in front of us an especially intimate moment of the dance of "galaxies, suns, the planets in their courses."  We are smaller than specks in the vast expanse of interstellar space and yet, the number of our hairs is counted by the One at whose "command all things came into being."  Let us pray...with the cosmos and let us be intentional about welcoming anyone whose spirit stirred by the event needs grounding in time and place.

To mark the event at Grace and to invite the wider community into awe-filled prayer, three events are scheduled for Monday, August 21, 2017:

  • The bells will sound at 10 am before the eclipse begins in our area at 10:18 am; they will sound again as the sun and moon part ways at 4:09 pm.
  • The church will be open for prayer and meditation from 10-4.  To do this we ask for Grace members to volunteer to take at least 30-minute shifts to be present in the church, two persons through the day. Sign up here.
  • Lastly, there will be Evening Prayer at 4:10 pm.  "Earth and all stars, loud rushing planets, sing to the Lord a new song!"  (H412)


Praying With the Cosmos