Please pray for Grace’s ministries of compassion and connection, and give generously as God leads you to help keep them flourishing.

#GivinginGratitude is a tangible way for the people connected to Grace Episcopal Church to ensure that our many ministries of compassion and connection flourish through these uncertain times and beyond.

As a parish community, we are grateful for the opportunity to love and serve one another in new ways in this challenging and unsettling time. Even though we must be physically separated, in many ways we are spiritually closer. We are comforted and sustained by God’s love and the love of our Grace community, as we continue to care for, nurture, and encourage one another.

#GivinginGratitudeis our way to support Grace’s ministries of compassion and connection in response to the disruption caused by the global pandemic.

Your #GivinginGratitude will help support and even expand . . .

  • Our online experiences of worship, study, and connection now and in the future
  • Help for those in our community facing hardship because of the pandemic
  • Our ongoing support of Housing Forward and its PADS shelter program, which has been part of Grace’s life for many years
  • Our continued giving to Beyond Hunger and the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry
  • Planned renovation of Grace’s nursery for our youngest parishioners and visitors when we return to gathering in person in our beloved church building
  • . . . and more to come.

How can we express our gratitude for the many and varied blessings we have received from God?

The letter of Peter suggests a way: We can use these gifts to help others – to serve our parish, to help others our community, to serve our neighbors.

Since mid-March, when we had to suspend in-person worship and other gatherings and temporarily close our doors to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve missed not only each other, but also our regular Sunday offerings, the Easter offering, contributions for coffee hour, and so on.

Closing our doors also meant that the many groups that meet at Grace, whether they make small offerings or pay a regular fee for the use of our premises, are shut out, too.

Our financial leadership estimates that current disruptions in regular offerings will leave a gap of more than $50,000 in Grace’s budget for 2020.

But your generous  #GivinginGratitude  can help fill some of that gap – and keep Grace’s ministries of compassion and connection flourishing.