From the Rector

Dear Grace Church,

Easter has come, and with it some new opportunities for in-person worship! I want to thank you for the flexibility you have shown over the past year as we have adjusted our liturgy to fit our online needs. Gathering on Zoom was made meaningful by the participation of so many of our members. Now that we are re-opening the sanctuary, you will notice some adjustments to our liturgy that account for the congregation being present for worship in our sanctuary. We will strive for an integrated experience, where our members at home will still have opportunity to participate. Here are some of the ways our liturgy will be affected by regathering in person:

  • We cannot sing together in the sanctuary yet, but those of us gathered in-person can participate by listening and praying the lyrics as Madeleine leads our hymns and offertories from home (she will eventually join us in the sanctuary, but for safety’s sake she will remain at home for now).
  • We will say (rather than sing) the Kyrie, Gloria, or Psalm together as one.
  • We will not shake hands or hug to pass the peace. Instead, Deacon Jon has determined that we will utilize a profound bow to pass the peace with those we gather with in person at a distance.
  • We will take the Reserved Sacrament from our seats (you will be handed the host by an Lay Eucharistic Minister upon entering the sanctuary) rather than Consecrate with distribution for now. We will resume Consecration and distribution at the high altar later when social distancing rules are relaxed.
  • You will not see hymnals or the Book of Common Prayer in the pews, as per our Diocesan guidelines at this time. We will all use individual service sheets handed to us by an usher when we enter.
  • Those leading our liturgy will wear masks except for when they are reading, praying, or preaching at the front podium. For the sake of hearing and visibility, those speaking as liturgy leaders will remove their mask for the duration of their part of the liturgy.

Thank you for your patience and good humor as we work together through this upcoming transition. There will be times when we make mistakes, or when unforeseen things occur – and these are chances to express grace and good will as we work and worship together. It is exciting after such a long time apart that we now can begin the process of gathering back together. This process will take some time, and you are always welcome to give input by using the open survey found at this link, or by speaking to me or one of the Wardens. We are listening!

Grateful for Grace,

Father John

Sunday In Person Worship at Grace

According to public health guidelines, seating capacity will be limited and online reservations are required. All services will also be available remote via Zoom. Please read the following letter from Father John.  Links to reserve seating are just below that.

Reserve seating for Sunday, May 23 by clicking here.

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