• My Experience of Racism20:45

  • Jesus and Crisis21:37

  • Acts 1520:57

  • The Message of Hosea - The Depth of God's Love21:06

Episcopal Church

  • Mary Interrupted21:20

  • Magi18:24

  • An Unhurried God18:19

Below is the Experience of the Early Christians sermon series, by Fr. John Rumple, in its entirety. Stream below, or download at this link.


  • Good Shepherd32:16

  • Quarantine24:30

  • December 29, 2019 sermon10:01

  • Salt and Light24:20

  • Pain23:54

  • The Message of Hosea - Returning to God19:30

  • Getting What We Deserve18:36

  • Celebrating Black History Month26:46

  • Daring to be Different21:21

Earlier Sermons:

  • Growth at Grace19:17

  • Loneliness21:48

  • Easter 202010:56

  • Philippians 113:11

Sermons from the new God Moments series may be found at this link.

  • Who Is My Neighbor?21:29

  • Palm Sunday15:54

  • Creation Care17:05

  • The Power of Worship22:44
  • The Mystery of Holy Communion24:47
  • Living in the Spirit26:25
  • Strength in Tough Times23:33
  • The Scandal of Inclusion25:54
  • Discovering Spiritual Reality23:12
  • Overcoming Religious Scrupulosity21:22
  • Hope in the Face of Opposition24:07

  • A Vision of Hope18:18

Did you know that there is a story in the Gospels where Jesus meets a gay man? Today is Pride Sunday, and we examine an encounter between Jesus and a Roman Centurion whose "pais" (sometimes translated: slave) is sick and near to death. He comes asking for healing – and in the context of this culture, Father John makes the argument that the proper understanding of this Greek word should be understood as the Centurion's male lover (this narrative occurs both in Matthew 8 and Luke 7). How did Jesus respond to this request? With not an ounce of condemnation. Listen, and be encouraged with the Good News that God accepts all of us as we were created - there is spiritual hope available for all persons, a message important for the LGBT+ community. Click the button below to listen.

  • Living Stones17:37