• Jesus and Crisis21:37

  • Magi18:24


Below is the Experience of the Early Christians sermon series, by Fr. John Rumple, in its entirety. Stream below, or download at this link.

  • The Power of Worship22:44
  • The Mystery of Holy Communion24:47
  • Living in the Spirit26:25
  • Strength in Tough Times23:33
  • The Scandal of Inclusion25:54
  • Discovering Spiritual Reality23:12
  • Overcoming Religious Scrupulosity21:22
  • Hope in the Face of Opposition24:07

  • The Message of Hosea - Returning to God19:30

  • Creation Care17:05

  • Easter 202010:56

Please note: sermons preached as part of the series, Who Do You Say That I Am?, are found at this link.

  • Growth at Grace19:17

  • The Message of Hosea - The Depth of God's Love21:06

  • Philippians 113:11

  • December 29, 2019 sermon10:01

  • A Vision of Hope18:18

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  • Pain23:54

  • Celebrating Black History Month26:46

  • Mary Interrupted21:20

  • Quarantine24:30

  • Living Stones17:37

  • My Experience of Racism20:45

  • Daring to be Different21:21

  • Salt and Light24:20

  • Getting What We Deserve18:36

  • Palm Sunday15:54

  • An Unhurried God18:19

  • Good Shepherd32:16