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The Good Book Club is a new joint Bible Study offering of the Anglican and Episcopalian church communities worldwide, beginning in Lent this year, and given over to the reading of the New Testament books of Luke and Acts of the Apostles. We'll start reading Luke on Sunday, February 11, 2018.
Thanks to the Episcopal Church and, Grace Church is joining this effort, and will offer resources in print and on-line to facilitate our local participation in this Bible study series.
In Lent, we read the Gospel of Luke; from Easter to Pentecost, we read the companion book of Acts of the Apostles.
Congregations and individuals worldwide have committed to being part of the Good Book Club communal Bible study.

Resources & Events

  • ‚ÄčA reading list is available here.  Clicking each bible citation will bring up that reading. A PDF version is here.

  • Copies of the book we're reading during Lent are available at Grace. Donations gratefully accepted.  It is also sold as an e-book: Use Grace's Amazon link here. The devotional booklet, Forward Day by Day, uses excerpts from the Good Book Club reading schedule, in a briefer format. Pick up a copy in the back of the church.

  • A schedule of all related events is here.

  • A schedule of weekly Women's Bible Study meetings is here.

  • A schedule of almost-weekly Sunday Coffee Hour Table Talks is here.

  • A schedule of monthly Men's Bible Study meetings is here.

  • Sign up to receive weekly email updates here (scroll down and enter your address on the box on the right).

An Intro from our Presiding Bishop

The Good Book Club