January 12 - Who was Jesus’ mentor?
January 19 - What was Jesus central perspective on life?
January 26 - What made Jesus angry?
February 23 - What made Jesus laugh?
March 1 - What made Jesus cry?
March 8 - Why did Jesus heal people?
March 15 - What was Jesus truly passionate about?
March 22 - In what ways was Jesus subversive?
March 29 - Did Jesus welcome female disciples?
April 5 - Why did Jesus have to die?
April 12 - How does Jesus’ resurrection change our lives?
April 19  -What did Jesus want for his disciples after the resurrection?
April 26 - Will Jesus actually come again?

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Who Do You Say That I Am?
Jesus’ Radical Beliefs Sermon Series

an exploration of Jesus' identity and teachings

From mid-January through April, Father John is preaching a sermon series exploring foundational questions about Jesus’ identity. Looking at Gospel stories in fresh ways, we will explore a different aspect of Jesus’ personality each week, drawing practical lessons for how we live life as his followers.
There will be a break in the series in February for Annual Meeting and to honor and celebrate Black History Month.

2020 Sermon Series

  • Who Was Jesus' Mentor?20:17
  • What Was Jesus' Main Perspective?22:50
  • What Made Jesus Angry?23:36
  • What Made Jesus Laugh?17:49
  • What Made Jesus Cry?20:40
  • Why Did Jesus Heal People?21:26

Episcopal CHurch

What’s a Sermon Series?
A sermon series is an opportunity to delve into a particular idea or theme and to explore it over several weeks or months. It is a form of preaching that is not very common in the Episcopal Church, but is permitted. It’s also a form with which I’ve had great success in past Congregations.
This themed approach generally requires that we depart from the Episcopal Common Lectionary, and, in fact, I often choose readings that don’t appear in the Lectionary at all for various reasons.
I will never depart from the Lectionary on a Feast Day and the service folder will always have the appropriate readings so that you may follow along. I have found these series to be a rich and rewarding way to examine and deepen our faith.  
Please contact me directly if you have additional questions about this approach.

-Fr. John