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Youth Groups

Our youth program at Grace seeks to be a safe and fun community for Middle and High School students to form friendships with peers and adult leaders and explore in community their personal and spiritual growth. The curriculum we follow revolves around the five main areas of self, society, sexuality, spirituality and prayer.

Middlers is our youth group for students in 5th-8th grade. This groups uses the Weaving God's Promises curriculum.

Journey to Adulthood (J2A) is our high school youth group. J2A blends action and contemplation to help teens explore faithful living, with an emphasis on the convergence of personal spirituality and Christian community. J2A is defined by a pilgrimage experience that takes place roughly halfway into their time in High School. After preparation and fundraising, the youth venture to a sacred site chosen collectively by the group. This is often a very powerful experience for the youth. The final years in J2A can serve as preparation for Confirmation, and at the end members of the group can discern whether to participate in this sacrament. They also focus on naming the gifts they can offer the church community and begin more actively contributing to the community that has nourished them.