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Might God be calling you to serve Grace Church? Might God be calling someone you know to serve Grace Church?

Every year at the parish Annual Meeting, Grace Church elects a warden, vestry members, and convention delegates. The Annual Meeting is usually held on the last Sunday in January.

Those seeking seeking nomination to one of these offices must

  • be a baptized person age sixteen or older
  • regularly attend worship at Grace
  • be recognized as a member of the parish by the rector and at least one of the wardens
  • be on record as having contributed financially to Grace during the six months before the Annual Meeting
  • declare their willingness to conform to the Doctrine, Discipline and Worship of the Church.

Nominations must be submitted by email to the senior warden by the first Sunday in December before the meeting. 
Job descriptions for all positions can be found at this link.


Are You Called to Serve Grace Church?