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To join in our outreach efforts, please contact the Outreach Chairperson.

Episcopal Church

Vision Statement:
Grace Church is committed to reaching out to those in need, as God has called on us to do.  By helping those in need—both within and outside of our congregation—we are made whole through those encounters. 

Outreach at Grace Church falls into three categories: local, national and global. The Outreach Committee is open to all and usually meets after the 10:30 service on first Sundays.  Please contact Susan Hickey, Chair, for more information.

Local Outreach Projects:
PADS/Housing Forward:  For many years, Grace has been a shelter site on Wednesdays from September through May.  Grace staffs the fourth Wednesday shifts, and is always looking for volunteers.  Other congregations staff the Grace site the rest of the month. More info. here.

Exodus World Service:  Outreach has given support to this program which is helping refugees living in the Chicago area.  More info. on Exodus here.

 ReVive Center for Housing and Healing Christmas Baskets:  This project has been successful, and gives Grace the chance to assist families at Christmas by providing Christmas gifts and food gift cards.  More info. here.

 One-Off Drives:  These drives benefit PADS, the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, and other organizations that assist people in need in the surrounding community.  Some examples are:  health kits for disaster relief, diapers for refugees, food items that the Oak Park Food Pantry is running low of for distribution, school supplies, and transitional housing packs.  These drives enable Grace church to respond quickly to issues affecting the needs of others.

National Project:
Hurricane Katrina Assistance in New Orleans:   Grace was involved in this effort and we are always looking for other one-off projects on the national level.

Global Project:
Joint Partnership with Saint Christopher’s, Oak Park, and Saint Luke’s Church in Renk Town, South Sudan:  We have been able to assist Saint Luke’s in obtaining a sound system, chairs and tents that they rent to help them sustain their ministry  in Renk Town.  The Rt. Rev. Joseph Atem, Bishop of Renk, visits annually to bring personal reports of life in South Sudan.  The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago has a companion relationship with the Diocese of Renk, South Sudan.

Interests? Click here  to contact the Outreach Chairperson.