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Kinga Banas-Zadlo, violin

Emilysue Reichardt, violin & voice

Erik Stolzer, viola

Lisa Janisch, cello

Sally Kidwell, piano
“Fanny and Felix: the Musical Mendelssohns”
          True genius may be born once in the course of an entire            generation.
          True genius born twice to the same family is astonishing.
          Meet the Mendelssohn siblings.
          Hear their music. Learn their story.

About The Viaggio Classical Ensemble
The Viaggio Classical Ensemble, created by several friends who sought a more challenging performance repertoire, enjoys showcasing varied works from Brahms and Dvorak to Shostakovich. Viaggio is the Italian word for voyage, and each presentation takes listeners on a journey through the story behind the music; every concert features a creative narration that informs and entertains.

The Viaggio Classical Ensemble is available for private performances as well as programs at cafes, libraries, senior living facilities, and more. Please contact the ensemble at

June 29th